In the last couple of weeks, we’ve launched three websites that each — in different ways — show the results of collaboration, focus, and strategic thinking. One project puts a premium on performance, another showcases a re-focused organization’s future, and the last project brings a fresh look and feel to a commitment to international relief.

The Minnesota Lottery


Built using the Active Media Manager, the redesigned Minnesota Lottery website enables both the client and users to efficiently and easily get tasks done. But this wasn’t just a traditional redesign — it also marked the merger of (the lottery’s 100k+ member Player’s Club) and, the highest trafficked site on Clockwork’s hosting cluster. With MNLottery at the design helm, Clockwork produced and developed the responsive site.

When all was said and done, this meant more users, more information, and more features, yet we prioritized performance to ensure that every interaction at any time (even right after a Powerball drawing) exceeded expectations.

Project Highlights

We put a high-premium on performance. Even with all the improved features — like a multi-number Winning Number Checker and dynamic content containers and member communications — the page load times are crazy fast, a key feature for lottery audiences who want to know whether they won. In a previous blog post, our Director of System Administration walked us through website traffic patterns on a Powerball drawing night. (Spoiler: it spikes. A lot.) Knowing how important reliability and speed are to the Minnesota Lottery users, every redesign update, feature, and decision was made with performance in mind.


The Schulze Family Foundation


The Schulze Family Foundation recently went through a lot of changes, including new leadership and a new board. Mr. Schulze, the founder and namesake, retired from Best Buy and turned his focus entirely on the Foundation. With these developments, they were ready for their website to reflect the new face of the organization.

Project Highlights

We implemented a flexible Active Media Manager site that empowered our users — the Foundation’s employees — to create, publish, and update content efficiently. Now, their collection of advocates can tell their story with timely, relevant content for their audience.


Just a Bunch of Roadies


At Clockwork, we are dedicated to working with organizations on a grant and pro bono basis. Just a Bunch of Roadies, an organization of music industry professionals who use their skills, assets, and relationships to respond quickly to critical needs worldwide, is a recent pro bono partner.

Project Highlights

Together, we improved and increased their digital footprint to help springboard their cause. We donated over 200 hours on Planning & Development, and we’ll be providing monthly Hosting & Support services to ensure their success continues. (Another highlight? When a project meeting had to be canceled because Aerosmith called and needed some help from our client. Tough life.)