For the second year in a row Clockwork won each of the three major Twin Cities workplace awards: StarTribuneMinneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, and Minnesota Business (Double three-peat!). To us, this is a big deal — when we win awards for our work, we’re proud, but when we win them because our people are happy, we beam.

Every time we win a award for our culture it’s an honor because we work really hard to cultivate an environment in which people feel good. In fact this was a defining part of the Clockwork vision — the founders set out to create a company where we actually wanted to go to work every day.
Over time, though, it takes more than vision for culture to take root and evolve, it also takes a team of dedicated people invested enough in that vision to see it through. It’s the values, practices, and attitudes that everyone brings to the table that make the difference and make an impact. These awards mean we’re doing something right — more specifically, that our people are doing something right.
Congrats and thank you to Clockworkers, who are the real recipients of these awards.

Barb & Andy

Alex & Rett

Conner & Jerry

The 2013 Clockwork MS150 team

The 2012 Toys for Tots crew and gifts