Tell us about your bike

I assembled it over the course of a year, purchasing, on average, one piece per month. The frame is a Bertelli Anthracite (built by Alien Bikes, which has turned into Viking Cycles). I love lugged steel. Building the wheels took a while, but was definitely worth the time and effort. It’s a fixed gear–simple to ride, simple to maintain.

Tell us about your commute

It’s short. I live about 3 miles away from work so I alternate between running and biking. En route, I wind my way through industrial Northeast Minneapolis. The shortest possible route would be the railroad tracks, but I’d need bigger tires for that.

Why do you ride?

It’s easy when you work with computers to spend the majority of your time in doors, not moving. And as much as I like computers, I also like being outside and being healthy. Bicycle and run commuting helps me to fit exercise into my daily routine consistently without having to think about it.

Also, riding a bicycle has allowed me to explore Minneapolis and feel connected to it. Potholes and all.