As a member of the scholarship judging panel for last year’s AIGA Minnesota annual Portfolio 1-on-1, I was in awe of the volume of great work and incredibly talented creatives who participated in the scholarship competition. Many of them presented work that spanned disciplines and mediums, but I quickly realized that there were few works that were clearly intended for web, mobile, or other interactive environments. There’s no doubt that emerging visual designers are interested in creating interactive experiences, so why weren’t there more entries?

Perhaps designers need a little encouragement to explore the pool of interactive design. It’s a different medium with different requirements and conventions. Clockwork wants to reward and support the talented designers who explore our discipline. To do this, Clockwork is offering the first-ever interactive design scholarship in conjunction with AIGA Minnesota’s Portfolio 1-on-1.

Clockwork’s $1,000 Interactive Scholarship

We’re excited to offer the new $1,000 scholarship, which is available to all interested AIGA student membership holders who enter works into the 2012 competition. You can learn more about and fill out an application (by April 13!) for any or all of the AIGA scholarships on the AIGA Minnesota website.

As you can see with the other scholarship supporters, we’re in great company. We can’t wait to see the incredible designs.

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