Our Digital Done Right approach provides digital solutions to patients, customers, and internal stakeholders within the context of HIPAA compliance and accessibility regulations.

We have deep knowledge in healthcare because during the past 20 years we’ve worked in every part of the industry. Here are just a few of the organizations we’ve helped.

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What are your goals?

Build a digital culture & capabilities

We partner with complex healthcare organizations to build the capabilities & culture needed to be agile & innovative.

Create impactful customer experiences

We design for humans and build for outcomes.

Develop human-centered digital products

Human-centered healthcare requires a human-centered approach to product design.

  • Product exploration & strategy
  • Digital product development
  • Custom software & app development

Enable future-ready marketing & sales

We work with organizations to develop and implement strategies and approaches to drive patient acquisition, value, outcomes, engagement, and loyalty.

Modernize technology & platforms

Our teams help support, modernize, and transform the infrastructure running your organization.

Accelerate data-driven decision making

From databases to data lakes, the amount and variety of data is unprecedented. We work with organizations to make it accessible, meaningful, & actionable.

  • Data transformation & delivery
  • Data integration & availability
  • Analytics & artificial intelligence

Latest insights

Avoiding failure in healthcare digital transformation

Digital transformation efforts are failing. In pharmaceuticals and healthcare, success rates of digital transformation fall between 4-11%.

According to a survey of U.S. hospitals and health systems, less than 30% believe that their organization is providing a best-in-class digital experience to patients.

What contributes to such dismal results?

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Why interoperability is critical to patient & clinician experiences.

Healthcare leaders are feeling the pressure to innovate and update legacy systems to meet the modern demands of patients. An essential piece to improving patient experience and meeting outcomes is the interoperability of healthcare information.

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Accelerating personalization in health care

Patients gravitate towards providers who offer personalized health care with experiences and options tailored to their needs. This shift impacts more than 60% of health care spending.

With the proper systems in place, personalized care to patients yields direct financial benefits. Hospitals with excellent HCAHPS patient experience ratings have a net margin of 4.7% compared to hospitals with low ratings (1.8% net margins).


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Examples of our work

Delivering a dynamic health finance experience

Further’s member portal is how their hundreds of thousands of members access, interact, and engage with Further’s offerings: Health Finance products. This is an intimate and critical part of the members’ daily lives.

The initiative required numerous complex integrations: cloud object storage, multiple SSOs, Tax Docs, their internal system along with new APIs, a headless CMS, caching systems, pipeline automation, containers and container registries, log aggregation and monitoring.

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Providing an exceptional, real-time shopping assistance

With an innovative mobile experience, benefits are integrated into the daily lives of members. In addition to managing their benefits account, people are able to shop for thousands of personal care products, OTC medications, and healthy food options and have those products delivered directly to their homes. Healthy choices are easier to make, and members can stay home and keep costs low.

We also reimagined their marketing and sales website to support their goal of increasing revenue by more effectively advertising their benefits program.

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I'm very thankful for your team. You are some of the smartest people I work with. Smart about how you approach work, articulate, discover, design, and deliver. Thank you!

Amitav Singh, Manager of Application Development & DevOps at Further

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