Key Services

  • Project strategy
  • UX and design advising
  • Tech consulting

Project Features

  • Multi-partner collaboration & management
  • Drupal 8 technology
  • Pantheon hosting


  • Focused content makes the site easy to use and maintain
  • Decreased time spent managing site

Ryan Companies had two primary goals: Redesign their site to align with new branding and re-build with improved usability for both site visitors and site administrators. The previous aging site had grown organically and the technology was outdated. That wasn’t acceptable for a national company whose brand needed to convey smart design and build sensibilities. Their sales teams needed a place to confidently point their prospective clients, and a destination that users could navigate from any device to find any information. That information, in turn, had to be up-to-date, which was difficult with the old system because data entry was inefficient and duplicative.

How we helped

Matched user needs to platform selection

Choosing the right foundational technology is integral to building a long-lasting solution. And this can’t be a lightweight decision: The full spectrum of business objectives and user requirements have to be evaluated in order to find the best match. Drupal 8 (on Pantheon) gave them a platform that is easy to maintain now and will be easy to keep up to date in the years to come. We combined Drupal 8’s twig support and Foundation to ensure the site smoothly transitioned from phone to tablet to desktop.

Technology-driven collaboration

We worked with a fantastic team that realized that if we wanted to see results, technology had to drive decision-making. The new brand look and feel had to be thoughtfully translated into the digital space and UX had to be checked against Drupal’s functionality.

Big pretty pictures and performance. The design used many glamor shots of people and buildings that required back-end engineering to ensure they would be properly rendered across all display breakpoints.

Egoless collaboration. Multiple partners means a lot of people management. From budgets to creative decisions, our project manager had to juggle a lot of correspondence and documentation to keep everyone aligned.

Strategic requirements. With so many stakeholders, it was crucial to determine what was they wanted to achieve versus what they could achieve. It required pointed, thoughtful discussion across the team to establish core requirements connected to real business objectives.

Leveraged data modeling

We utilized Drupal’s powerful content modeling to provide a site that is easy to maintain while at the same time easy to navigate for end users. Drupal’s content modeling and flexible display functionality allows them to edit content in one place and have that permeate the site. Drupal functionality allowed us to model content in a consistent fashion so the site can grow in a controlled manner that will continue to serve both Ryan Companies and its customers.