Ramsey County

Key Services

  • Content Strategy
  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • User Experience and Customer Experience Strategy
  • Design

Project Features

  • Website Redesign
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Drupal CMS & Acquia Platform
  • Intranet Redesign
  • Government


  • Improved content findability
  • Eased administrative burden
  • Winner of the Northern Lights Award contest that recognizes outstanding work in Minnesota's government
  • Ramsey County’s intranet won a Northern Lights merit award

How we helped

Ramsey County wanted to modernize the experience with their brand — internally and externally. This meant updating not only the technology but how they approached their technology. To accomplish this, we applied their residents-first methodology to their site, which was a natural extension of our people-centered principle.

Education was their first priority: users first and foremost needed clear and concise information about the County’s role and available services. We knew we needed to simplify the navigation, improve search functionality, and reduce content to make a more effective and efficient experience across the board.

In addition to their public-facing website, we also designed and developed their employee intranet. Using the same people-first approach, we created an accessible internal resource that supported Ramsey County employees and empowered them to, in turn, support the residents even better.


Reprioritized and Reworked Content

Content was the key to an improved — and targeted — user experience. We clearly defined their varied audiences and how their digital properties should serve them. The new content and UX aligned with each users context for a “right content at the right time” experience. Plain language was implemented across the site so residents would be able to search and understand the information in their own terms.

Achieved High Accessibility Standards

People-centered means all people. This was something both Ramsey and Clockwork took very seriously. Both the website and intranet are responsive, built on the Drupal CMS and deployed on the Acquia platform. The requirements were outlined from the start and in the end both the website and intranet reached WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards.

“The new site is everything I hoped it could be. So glad for and proud of the work the County has been doing to advance its public image and its image with employees.”

Ramsey County employee

Created a Clear Scaleable and Training Program

We knew that key to success was a plan that extended beyond launch. We put several strategies in place: we determined  an operational plan that supported their capacity and constraints with County resources and subject matter experts; helped define governance plan across county staff; created clear business rules for future content creation and placement; and identified priorities to support a roll-out plan for ongoing development and maintenance by the county’s staff.