Multinational Food Company*

Key Services

  • Digital Leadership
  • Digital Strategy
  • UX & Content Strategy
  • Project Lead and Management
  • Product Management
  • Customer Experience

Project Features

  • User-Centered Design
  • Multi-team Collaboration
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Customer Research
  • Change Management
  • Communication Strategy


  • Converted 10 internal business teams to customer-centered thinking

How we helped

Our client* is driving a digital transformation within a multinational corporation, moving from a company of siloed business units focused on individual goals to a more unified organization that puts customer experience first. She needed an ally to help convert in-house business divisions into customer-centered digital product teams. We’re that ally.

A diagram of communication processes displayed on an iPad

Collaborative team management

We lead work with internal teams, as well as other agency and vendor partners, to implement product initiatives. Customer-centered digital practices require an integrated way of working and transparent communication among a diverse set of business groups (often with a diverse set of business interests). As digital experts, we’re familiar with that and how to navigate those often territorial waters. Our expertise is uniting stakeholders around a shared goal and plan.

As Meghan McInerny, a Clockworker who worked on the project, explained: “Our client trusted us to represent her — and her vision — in our work throughout the organization. We feel a sense of shared ownership in delivering on that vision, and see ourselves not just as partners, but as extensions of her team.”

Bringing the strategy to life

Change is hard, and yet change is exactly what digital transformation requires. Our ongoing work includes a variety of change management, work culture modeling, and team facilitation tasks that help individuals and groups think (and execute) in a customer-first way. We’re brought into projects as consultants to shepherd the customer-first strategy from an idea to a integrated reality.

Representation of digital transformation in the shape of a pyramid

"This is the first meeting I've been in where we've focused solely on the customer!"

Customer Experience Workshop Attendee at Multinational Food Company

Implementing a customer experience practice

One of the best ways to communicate how well something works is simply by doing it, and allowing people to see the results. To do so, we’ve lead the Customer Experience charge in several internal businesses, demonstrating a people-centered approach to product strategy and development. Modeling the behavior, thinking, and digital outputs that move the business toward a more mature digital culture is integral to our, and our client’s, success.

“Helping them learn how to talk directly to their customers,” Clockworker Meghan McInerny said, “has created a sense of excitement, fun, and collaboration that is often missing from engagements that businesses have with tech partners.”

Papers and a notebook with sketches

* NDAs are important

Sometimes our clients don’t want us to talk openly about the work we’re doing for them. They have a lot at stake and want to keep some things under wraps. We understand and honor that. AND we still want to share some of the work because it’s really great. That’s why we have anonymous case studies.

And if you’re ever our client, we will honor whatever level of disclosure you’re most comfortable with, too.