Minnesota Lottery

Key Services

  • Website Design and Development
  • Strategy
  • Mobile Application Consultation and Evaluation
  • Software Development

Project Features

  • Performance & Stability
  • User Research & Testing
  • Custom Promotional Programs


  • Independent promotions: An ongoing promotional program with millions of valid codes, hundreds of thousands of claimed codes, and numerous simultaneous contests that requires minimal outside support.
  • 99.93%: server uptime over the last two years

How we helped them

The Minnesota State Lottery has a demanding and varied set of technology needs and operates in a highly regulated industry. Their business revolves around high-traffic peak events and subsequent highly interactive follow-up traffic. For these reasons, performance and custom software are key to both their business success and their customer experience.

They needed a tech partner who could ensure stable and consistent uptime during high demand. And given the rules and regulations — and the amount of money at stake — execution has to be precise.

We customized site optimization for their specific business requirements.

Everyone needs a high-performing website that accommodate a range of traffic, but when your site gets Powerball traffic, you really need to ready for traffic. Our Tech Ops team worked closely with the team to load balance as visitors spiked and created a fast, slimmed-down version of the website home page that can be used when the website experiences extremely heavy load, ensuring the website stays up during times of high traffic.


“I loved working on this project because the technical specifications were really intense. Working collaboratively with internal tech people really makes the infrastructure solid!”

Clockwork project team member

We enabled their team to do business faster and with less hassle.

For many years, the Minnesota State Lottery relied on developers to help execute every 2nd Chance contest they ran. They wanted to cut that cord. We established a standard communication protocol for pulling entry codes from the 3rd-party providers of the codes and worked with each of the providers to test and verify the protocol. Now, Minnesota State Lottery can run the contests quicker and more independently. Technology made their process easier and faster.


"I have been very impressed with level of strategic planning and research that Clockwork has put into our projects. Their business planning process has helped ensure that projects met defined goals. Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding and Clockwork has delivered for us time and time again!”

Minnesota Lottery employee

We tested the customer experience to validate thinking and design.

Growing and evolving their digital experience is an integral strategy for their overall brand growth, especially as they seek a younger audience. We lead a series of user tests to assess the performance of their current website and to identify opportunities with new users. That feedback was incorporated into the design and planning, and baked into the project strategy moving forward.


We’re in the works on even more enhancements to Minnesota Lottery’s site and mobile experience!