Key Services

  • Project Management
  • Technical Consulting
  • User Experience Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance

Project Features

  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Kentico & Azure Infrastructure
  • Production & Development
  • Agency Partnership


  • Facilitated digital workshops to identify optimizations in the design.
  • Created a Disaster Recovery Plan and Back-Up Plan for the client.

How we helped

The Michael Foods corporate website design project touched on almost every aspect of their business: user experience, brand positioning, audience engagement, and technical infrastructure. As a primary digital partner, we played an integral role in bringing the digital experience to life with their internal teams and external project partners. With the first phase of project launched, we are currently working on additional enhancements and evolutions to keep Michael Foods at the head of the industry.

A forward-thinking, flexible platform

Knowing their digital tool would have to grow, we planned for that evolution from the start. Working with the original design (created by an agency partner) and with the set of Michael Foods’ requirements, we proposed a new website on Kentico with a focus on performance, stability, and scalability. As much as possible, we built things on a design system to encourage consistency across page templates and consistency when adding new content.

Stakeholder collaboration and facilitation

There were multiple business teams within Michael Foods plus external design partners all working on or invested in aspects of the project. We helped liaise between Michael Foods’ IT and Marketing departments, fostering communication and collaboration to achieve a shared vision. We also found efficiencies between the designs, created by a separate agency partner, and implementation to ensure the outcome was performant and looked good.


Found efficiencies and optimizations

We collaborated with the design agency to influence design choices that made for an overall easier and more consistent digital user experience. Additionally we customized the content entry and management admin interface in Kentico to make the internal employee experience as streamlined and contextual as possible.

In the development phase, we found additional ways to create a smooth and transparent implementation process by creating development and environment workflows for the team. With every project, we consider how the team collaborates, and how the people actually work, to make it work better.