Mercury Marine

Key Services

  • Digital strategy
  • Customer experience design
  • User experience architecture
  • Custom software development

Project Features

  • Cloud infrastructure consulting
  • Progressive web app


  • Reduced in-use applications from 5 to 1
  • Decreased download time by 3,000%
  • Timely content delivery to offline and online customers
  • Created a direct connection to their customers who they can target by region

How we helped

Mercury Marine® manufactures world-class marine propulsion systems.  These are complex systems that require specialization to meet and exceed the demands of the boater.  Like all global businesses, Mercury’s employees and customers are spread out around the world and many times require multilingual content.

The solution needed to be a streamlined, fast, intuitive digital experience that delivered up-to-date information to their worldwide dealers. So, we built Mercury Marine a B2B progressive web app (PWA) that provides their staff and sales teams with a technology experience on-par with their premium B2C experience.

User-centered customer experience design

There are many elements to consider when purchasing a Mercury Marine product. We took a consumer-centric approach and streamlined the comprehensive product information so the sales team had everything they needed at their fingertips.

By developing a progressive web app, we drew on the best of native mobile app technology but eliminated the maintenance that usually goes along with it. The app’s online/offline capability means that even when dealers have unpredictable wifi, they will still be able to assist their customers.

Custom software that makes it easy to manage their complex business

Dealers aren’t the only Mercury Marine users: the in-house team that manages the app is also a key stakeholder. Our web app solutions gave this team a nimble and business-focused experience. They can easily push updates to the browser-based solution when they want, so their content consistently coordinates with their product roadmaps and business cycles.

Being iterative and adaptable in business is a requirement, so we enabled them to easily add products and categories, and target content to dealers by location. This level of control ensures content accurately aligns with their internal business and user needs. With most content being available offline, they can be confident that remote users have access to the right information.

(Images of the product released with permission © Mercury Marine)

Technology-driven user experiences

We built the web app to mirror a browser experience. Mercury Marine dealers around the world are familiar with standard web interactions, so we capitalized on that knowledge and comfort. We created UX architecture and interaction design that looks and feels like browsing a website on your phone. Together, we focused on UX that is predictable and intuitive so dealers have an accessible, easy-to-use product.

"I love the navigation. I can't believe the improvement."

Mercury Marine Global Leaders

Designed to measure

Mercury knows what content dealers are using most, and what was features are driving sales. They can parse metrics by individual dealerships, regions, and other demographics to know how every aspect of their digital tool is working. With this data and flexibility, Mercury Marine will continue to meet and exceed the needs of their customers.


The Mercury Marine marks and name are registered trademarks. The screenshots of were Released with Permission, Copyright Mercury Marine.