Lifetouch Yearbook Builder

Key Services

  • User Experience
  • Usability Testing and UAT Testing
  • Interface Design
  • Software & Product Development

Project Features

  • Product Design
  • Integrated Team
  • Digital Partnership


  • Shortened distance between design and user input
  • Reduced user complexity

How we helped

Lifetouch started in the photo portrait business. Now, like many companies, they are in the software business, too. And they are embracing the opportunity with vigor. Their yearbook building software is a critical piece of their success and a key strategy for remaining competitive. Their commitment to their digital experience began long before our partnership when they set the industry standard with their first digital tool.

We worked with them to bring that once-first-rate product to the next level of fidelity and adaptability for their business.

Built Custom Software for Their Specific Needs

The original software and architecture couldn’t anticipate all the new features and functionality that would be required — and expected — as digital experiences evolved. With a combination of an off-the-shelf Content Management System and a homegrown platform for the building tool itself, we created a more adaptable and scalable solution for them. The new technology gives them complete flexibility in designing experiences for their customers without being confined by any pre-existing platform restrictions.

A computer showing the interface for Lifetouch's new software

Interface sample showing the automatic import feature

Created an Automated User Experience

Lifetouch strove to create a totally unique experience and product within the market. The Yearbook Builder experience leverages Lifetouch’s end-to-end relationship with their customers that starts with the taking pictures at schools and concludes in a customized yearbook design. With the new product, a huge part of the customer’s work is almost completely automated. We created immediate value and ease for a what was once a difficult process.

By connecting the various elements of their customer’s process, and by making it all possible with just a few clicks of a mouse, we created an unparalleled experience that sets their brand apart.


Sample interface elements

"Our collaborative approach and fluid style of communication and problem solving has given us a great advantage in developing this very powerful and impressive application."

Chuck Hermes at Clockwork

Built a Smart Shortcut for Usability and User Testing

To make a robust and comprehensive experience feel seamless and simple for the school-based customers, the product team worked collaboratively through very complex UX and interaction design with Lifetouch’s support staff. The support team is in contact with their customers day-in and day-out, and this team approach allowed the designers to pressure test interactions and get proxy on-the-fly customer acceptance.

With customers needs, wants, and expectations represented through support, the requirements, wireframes, prototypes, and design were continually enhanced for customer satisfaction.

A group of people point at their screen while working together