Key Services

  • Digital strategy
  • Infrastructure consulting
  • User experience design
  • Development
  • Platform implementation & migration

Project Features

  • Modern, flexible, scalable platform
  • “CMS/CRM handshake”
  • SEO acceleration for increased traffic
  • High performing landing pages for lead generation & conversion


  • Personalization and higher performing content led to greater lead generation and conversion
  • Increased speed-to-market by improving internal workflows
  • Made personalization and content testing easy through the right tech combination


In 2020, Revel + NovuHealth joined forces with Icario to create value by uniting pioneering technology, data science, and behavioral insights. Icario required a dynamic prospect and customer experience as innovative as their business model.


We developed an intuitive online experience and migrated them to Pantheon, an enterprise hosting and infrastructure provider. The new digital experience performs better on all levels through improved content management, smart SEO, and strategic lead generation practices.

But the big leap is the “CMS/CRM handshake” that enables them to display custom content for site visitors based on behaviors and associated lists on Hubspot. 


The force multiplier of personalization is making Icario the customer choice over much larger competitors. Icario is seeing exponential increases in conversions of new customers, and dynamic revenue growth.