Global Health Benefits & Care Group

Key Services

  • Digital transformation consulting
  • Experience design
  • Technical consulting
  • Front-end development
  • Mobile application development

Project Features

  • eCommerce integration with retail environments
  • Cross-platform native mobile app supporting iOS and Android devices
  • Advanced accessibility and PII compliance are basic requirements


  • 70,000+ mobile application downloads within 1st month
  • 17,000 orders within 1st month
  • $1.4MM in sales within 1st month

How we helped

The company wanted to transform its member experience by making the healthy choice the easy choice. How could they reduce the daily burden of managing personal and household health? How could they foster healthy behavior and enable healthy choices? And what if helping members could also create an additional revenue stream for the organization?

With an innovative mobile experience, benefits are integrated into the daily lives of their members. In addition to managing their benefits account, people are able to shop for thousands of personal care products, OTC medications, and healthy food options and have those products delivered directly to their homes. Healthy choices are easier to make, and members can stay home and keep costs low.

We also reimagined their marketing and sales website to support their goal of increasing revenue by more effectively advertising their benefits program.

Serving 65+ & special needs members

The services are geared toward supplemental benefits members that identify as 65+ and/or members of a special needs population (SNP).  To provide an exceptional experience for these members, the solution includes:

  • Member card activation and registration
  • Account balance display
  • Product search
  • In-app purchases
  • In-store shopping guide
  • Store locator
  • Retail scanner

Prioritizing accessibility

We’re committed to integrating accessibility best practices into every product we build. Knowing that many program members have special needs (e.g., visual impairments), we focused on several key accessibility considerations.

  • Leveraged iOS VoiceOver and Android TalkBack (native app screen reader technologies) for ongoing testing
  • Aligned with Accessibility Guidelines, including:
    • Text and color
    • Images and icons
    • Page structure and navigation
    • Labels and instructions

Building a stronger, more flexible foundation

Not only did the Clockwork team build the new site quickly, we also developed the back-end infrastructure in a way that allows the company to quickly self-serve when small content changes are needed. This functionality is key to ensuring they’re able to be responsive to changing market and user needs with content that is fresh and aligned with user needs.

The new experience:

  • Tells the story in a more compelling and engaging way
  • Supports a user experience that is cleaner, more modern, and easier to navigate
  • Leverages a content management system that supports quick and efficient content updates