Key Services

  • Front-end development
  • Technical consulting
  • User interface design

Project Features

  • Integrations
  • Development workflow
  • Automated testing
  • Agency partnership
  • Embedded team
  • Iterative product development


  • Numerous complex integrations: cloud object storage, multiple SSOs, Tax Docs, their internal system along with new APIs, a headless CMS, caching systems, pipeline automation, containers and container registries, log aggregation and monitoring.
  • Page load time decreased to ~500ms
  • Took a mobile-first approach

How we helped

Further’s member portal is how their hundreds of thousands of members access, interact, and engage with Further’s offerings: Health Finance products. This is an intimate and critical part of the members’ daily lives. We recognize that, and thoughtfully approached a front-end framework that improved the members’ experiences and strengthened Further’s technical foundation.

We worked collaboratively with Further’s developers, business analysts, and user experience teams to bring the member portal to life. As the front-end development and engineering team, we ensured that the back-end work the Further team was executing integrated efficiently with the user-facing elements.

A laptop showing Further's member dashboard

Prioritization and Optimization

The member portal is a complex product, and to stay on track for our target launch, we took an MVP approach. We worked collaboratively to prioritize features and streamline workflows so we could smartly meet business requirements in the necessary timeline. And during development, performance was kept in mind, and we focused on keeping the system optimized and running efficiently.

Upon launch, we immediately started working on the next version. This iterative way of working allowed Further to get their product to their members quickly yet gives them the opportunity to nimbly create enhancements. The portal was built so Further can adapt quickly to changes and meet their customers where they are moving forward.

Created solutions for their entire business

We built in the ability for Further and their partners to use the portal for a variety of brands and experiences without starting from scratch every time. The portal is modular, using components as building-blocks, which allow pieces to be swapped out or overridden depending on configuration needs. In this way, the new portal allows Further to serve both sets of customers — their members and their business partners — in a user-centered manner and bring value to their entire customer base.

This screenshot from the Further member portal shows an example of a members balance would look like.

Screenshot from Further's member portal showing available options a user can take, like Get Reimbursed, Make a Deposit and Pay a Bill

Reduced technical debt & administrative effort

By migrating to cloud infrastructure and creating a front-end framework that is future-focused and scalable, we were able to help Further feel confident about evolving their digital experience and their business. The additional savings of time and effort with the improved user experience for content managers and administrators also helps their business run smoother. Their product and experience can adapt as the market requires, their employees can easily manage the product, and their members have a more seamless and delightful experience.

We’re still partnering with Further as they iterate on this new digital experience.

Overlapping lifestyle photos, one showing a human smiling, and the other showing a different human at their computer.