Dunn Brothers

Key Services

  • Design
  • User Experience
  • Technical & Environmental Consulting
  • Digital Strategy
  • Software Development

Project Features

  • Replatforming
  • Hosting and Infrastructure Architecture
  • Data Integration
  • Website Redesign


  • Reduced technical debt
  • Seamless data integration experience for end users and site administrators
  • Easier site management
  • Reduced time to first byte (TTFB) to 50ms

How we helped

Dunn Brothers is an iconic coffee brand headquartered in the Twin Cities that centers around community as much as it does delicious food and drinks. In-store visitors are attached to both the brand and to the unique experience that individually franchised stores offer.

With the website replatforming and redesign, we aimed to reflect that rich experience through people-first content, inviting design, and performant technology. Our goal was to produce a digital impact as meaningful and helpful as an in-person visit.

A laptop showing Dunn Brother's updated homepage.

Secured their Foundation

All digital experiences are dependent on the technical infrastructure. Performance, ease, and scalability are the underpinnings of an effective design and user experience. We migrated Dunn Brothers to a PHP 7 WordPress instance with Pantheon hosting to improve the stability and reliability of their environment. The new site has increased uptime and response time, which provides the visitor what they need faster and smoother.

Enabled and educated their team

Like many of our clients, Dunn Brothers know their business (coffee) and we know ours (not coffee), so as we implemented a new, stable infrastructure for their website we also helped them to better understand their technical environments. For the content end of things, we created a voice and tone style guide they could share with their franchise owners. Both efforts empowered the Dunn Brothers team as owners and admins to maintain the quality and consistency their brand deserves.


“I was so confident in your team, and the launch, that I took vacation during it! I'm so excited about the new site, and so proud of how it turned out."

Kristen Goldberg, Director of Marketing at Dunn Brothers

Got them connected and current

Two primary project focuses were publishing up-to-date content that met their audience’s needs and differentiating the Dunn Brothers brand in a competitive market. We seamlessly integrated Dunn Brothers’ location search (in collaboration with Yext), rewards, nutrition (NutritionIX), and online ordering (OLO) to create a streamlined and user-centered experience that gives site visitors the details they want with accuracy and timeliness. And through robust content strategy and copywriting, Dunn Brothers’ brand promises and local flavor stands out.