Key Services

  • Software Development
  • Agency Collaboration
  • QA and Testing

Project Features

  • UX and Design Audit
  • Responsive Redesign
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Documentation and Training
  • CMS Customization
  • Measurement Plan


  • Met AA+ web accessibility standards and finance industry requirements.
  • Drove site discovery with relational content mapping.
  • Cut internal administration effort and added consistency.

How we helped

Abbot Downing needed their website to work harder for them. Their old one was hard to maintain, which meant that updates — like content — dragged along. Moreover, they wanted their content to be more relational so visitors could move more organically through their site.

This all had to be executed while achieving an extremely high standard for both web accessibility and security. Our multi-agency project team collaborated closely to deliver a human-centered experience, for both site visitors and site administrators, all sitting on a technically sophisticated foundation.


Customized CMS

Out-of-the-box wasn’t going to work for Abbot Downing. And yet, we had to use a platform that was previously cleared by Wells Fargo security and had its own restrictions. We recognized what they wanted, and needed, was an experience designed just for them. To achieve this, we created a system of content types and established a way to associate relational content, all to increase the organic navigability of their site.


Creating Flexibility + Predictability

When it comes to managing content and updating the website, it’s smart to have an experience that looks tailored and yet adheres to a system that makes every page and interaction feel familiar. We paired flexibility with predictable results in page templating so content entry had a clear and understandable process — and results.

"None of the 10+ vendors I have worked with before have put such a quality product together in regards to accessibility."

Accessibility Auditor at Abbot Downing

Attention to Accessibility

To execute web accessibility, the entire team — all roles — have to be on board and in sync with the accessibility plan. To hit the standards that Wells Fargo defined and required, the team rallied around the various design, front-end development, and UX best practices to deliver an accessible experience that wasn’t compromised.